July 2020 Accountability Challenge


Welcome to the 2020 July Accountability Challenge:

Recently, I read some words that stroke a chord.  Some Spanish celebrity was speaking about humankind and some of the challenges that we have been facing lately.  She stated something to the effect that “at the end of this crisis, we are going to all end up being the same or worse. That nice people will remain being nice and the a$holes are going to remain the same or become bigger a$holes.”

My first instinct was to agree.  For many reasons that are not relevant to this post, you and I both know that human nature is to resist change and resist being uncomfortable.  No fault on that but man, haven’t we learned by now that change does not happen without sacrifice and mobility? Then my next thought was wait a minute: do I truly agree? What can I do about this? Can I make a difference?

You know that cliché phrase about change coming from within and yada, yada? Yep, that still applies and I know it dang well.  I learned a lot time ago that my comfort zone is not the place that I want to remain, and that us, just like plants, must grow, in order to evolve.

So let’s talk about the challenge and go straight to it. I am going to try to make this as simple as I can and hopefully, I can interest at least one person to join me.  I need an accountability partner because sharing with someone else cheering me on, is what can make this a success.

The Plan

  1. Starting on July 1st, I will add exercises to my walking and swimming activities.  The plan is to do it daily.
  2. At the same time, I am going to make better food choices.
  3. Going to use a checklist to track items 1 and 2.
  4. Will be using my IG stories to post about the challenge and my own tracking, on a daily basis.

NOTE: I am not a doctor, or expert so please consult with your doctor, prior to attempting any exercise or diet change.

Below are the pdf. forms which will provide some the checklist and the visual aid on the activities and the foods.  As you can see, this is not a fitness challenge, this is not a diet challenge, this is not a lose weight challenge, this is a challenge to show you how capable YOU are to make changes for yourself. You are welcomed to modify the pdfs. to accurately reflect your own plan.

We are NOT going to jump into hoops, to be doing long and sweaty sessions or fad diets, with complicated routines.  We are going to prove to ourselves that we are capable to control our own lives and our happiness by introducing small changes to what we have been comfortably doing and is not working for us.  Because like me, if you have read this far, something is not working for you.

I am committing to keep track with you and to guide you through the process.  I am eager to hear about positive results but want to do it midway so no need to weigh or measure yourself.  I don’t want the challenge to be attached to a fitness goal.  The intent is to came out of this challenge, more motivated and eager to work on the only person that you can control, and that is yourself. Also, this is not a all inclusive challenge.  You can do both (the workouts and the healthy food choices or you can pick which one you wish to do). The more important part is continue checking the boxes from the list.

Warning: research shows that when you change, everything changes and that may or may not include your jeans size.

Let’s do this, shall we?

xo Kathia

6 responses to “July 2020 Accountability Challenge”

  1. JoLeen says:

    Totally ready to make a change. It’s a lifestyle, no diet and no crazy work outs. A change for my soul not my physique.

  2. Bella says:

    Really enjoyed the accountability challenge! It was not about losing weight, exercising, or anything else in particular. It was just about being the best you can be each and every day, and showing yourself grace when you fall. Having a small group to check in with, was helpful!

  3. Katzah says:

    The challenge helped me to practice consistency to keep a little promise to myself. To have more compassion to myself particularly when life got in the way and was not able to follow the plan; I didn’t give up but instead pick it up at the next opportunity.
    Enjoyed the tips and stories we got to share throughout the month.
    Kathia is such a great host! Always keeping up the motivation in a fun and healthy way.
    I am looking forward to more challenges and have invited others to join as well 🙂

  4. Kay says:

    Thank you for starting this. It was both needed and worthwhile. Perhaps the biggest lesson I learned from doing this challenge is that baby steps are still making progress. And having accountability partners makes the journey easier and more fun!

  5. Breyana says:

    This challenge was an eye opener for me and I absolutely loved being apart of it.

  6. Kim says:

    I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in the accountability challenge. I appreciated the encouragement and support from Kathia and the other participants.

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