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Multi steps beauty routine

my multi-steps beauty routine

Lately, I have been learning about a new method to treat my skin. I seriously want to exhaust all the possible options that I may have to continue showing my skin a little bit of love.  The best part is that now I am making the time and several weeks into this routine, and I can report that my skin is absorbing everything! What I did here is some sort of redesigned method of the 10-step Korean Skincare Routine and with trial and error, I found ways to adapt it to my own skin concerns.  The steps here are for my night routine.  My morning routine is a little more simple.

So follow along and see if I can give you any ideas or food for thought of what you could do for your own skin?  Here you go:

Step 1: Double-cleanse.  I use a cleansing balm and an anti-aging gel.

Step 2: Apply tonic.  Currently using Good Molecules Toner. 

Step 3: Essence. Tatcha has a great one.

Step 4: Eye-cream. Elemis collagen eye-treatment is my favorite right now.

Step 5: Serum. Ahh, the possibilities! There are so many and for so many possible treatments.  I have been loving using trial and error but leaning toward a couple of favorites to deal with dullness and aging skin.

Step 6: Moisturizer. Need we say more.

Step 7: Acids/Spot-Treatments. The Inkeylist are inexpensive and seem to be effective, thus far.

Step 8: Sleep Mask. I like to use one delicious one made by Shiseido.

As mentioned earlier, my morning routine is super simple: rinse the face with water only, tonic, moisturizer or moisturizing pads topped with SPF lotion. The dots on the face print are to keep track by assigning a color to each product and check off from my daily spot on the weekly section of my planner. I track effectiveness of the products by checking how often and how long I have used them.  

If you are still with me, thank you for reading and as always, please let me know what you think?

xo Kathia
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