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What Is A Mood Board

I have this question for you: What is a Mood Board? And why do you need one?
Doubtful but perhaps, you haven’t heard about them or seen anything about them but I am here to tell you that they are EVERYWHERE!!! They have rapidly became the new “it” item in the planning world and with more and more of us growing inclined to use them as decorative items insider our planners, I decided to do a little bit of research to share with all of you!

Mood boards have been used by bloggers and creative people for a long time. They are actually an essential tool used by fashion designers to keep track of their creations, which starts with a blank canvas that is used to start pinning images of ideas that will inspire them with their creations for future collections. Their purpose is to provide the designer with visual aid of colors, textures, lines and variations of a concept that up to that moment, was only in their mind and they can bring out to life with a board.

This concept has now evolved into many fields and finally planneristas have caught up with the trend. The concept is to take a compilation of favorite things and make it into a pretty design and create a dashboard, which is the first thing that you will see in someone’s planner.  Others are using images that they find on Pinterest and creating “Vision Boards”, which is another variation of the Mood Board, essentially a compiled group of images of things that the creator wishes to achieve in the future.  

In my case, I use mine to track my outfits of the month or season, to track my weekend activities and I am now working on a Vision Boards to remind myself of all the things that I wish to accomplish this year, which include rebranding my blog and social media. I keep my mood board, for the weekend in my craftcave, hanging from a cute board that I bought from IKEA. The beauty of creating your very own mood board is that you can change it, switch it around and customize to your exact wishes, desires and plans, depending on what you are looking to accomplish.

If you need help customizing your own Mood Board, please let me know if I can help you! I am now offering custom mood boards for any size ringed planners.

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