Do-it-yourself: Floral Reed Oil diffusers

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Happy September!!

Admittedly being quarantined has given some of us a new purpose.  While the whole world was made to shut-down, we started homeschooling, playing more, valuing relationships, growing gardens, adopting pets. I never thought of myself as a “Do-it-yourself” type of person because you know Amazon is there, but I have to admit that I enjoy crafting and playing with pretty things so this one was a no-brainer.  

I wanted to create a certain environment in my house because having indoor pets (cats) can be sometimes overwhelming.  We clean their litters twice a day but for me is never enough so when I started looking at alternatives for candles and sachet bags, oil diffusers came to mind.  I recently purchased one from a store at the mall and I placed it on a table by the foyer of the house. It really did not do much on adding the desired fragrance.  If you grab the small bottle and sniff it, then you feel the fragrance but not enough for that large area.

Then, I realized that I was going to throw away a dried-up bouquet of roses that I gave myself for my birthday, in January. I hung them upside down and they were pretty ready for whatever so the idea came to mind, how about I make my own pretty floral reed oil diffusers? And here we are.


  • Small vases.  I purchased these from Michael’s and used a 30% discount for signing up to receive their emails. Also, look for the ones with corks. You can use them to cover the bottle if the fragrances get too strong or just to store them away without having to transfer the oil.
  • Reeds.  Amazon has a pack for $6.98 and you get 100 of them. That’s a lot of reeds but you can switch them once they are too soaked. If you follow this link, you can buy them directly from my Amazon storefront and I may get compensated.
  • Dried florals. Besides the roses that I dried-up, I got mine from Michael’s.  I picked mine based on the colors that I wanted to use but the variety is great and all up to your own preference.  Remember, these are not the same as seasonal florals, which are plastic.  You need natural flowers so they give the same effect of the reed, which is to soak in the oils and transfer the fragrance.  After I purchased mine, I found these from Amazon so I will try those next.
  • Essential oils.  The variety is huge!! Take your time with those. I am linking some from Amazon here and one from Anthro (here) although you can always find them at your local wellness stores, Home Goods, Kirkland’s or even make your own.  I will explain: regular home fragrance-spray combined with baby oil, will give you fragrance oil, don’t you think? That is what I did with a couple of mine and so far, the reeds are soaked so a win!

I also added ribbons to decorate the bottles, my friend added gold stickers with the list of the contents of the oils and someone suggested raffia bows! Depending on the season, you can switch your florals around, or make them with fruity fragrances and place them together near your kitchen for a minimal seasonal decor.

Floral Reeds Essential Oil Diffuser

So now, my pretty floral diffusers are spreaded throughout the house, I placed a second one in the foyer, one in the guest’s bathroom and one in my own bathroom.  With these and all fragrances, please make sure that you love them, remember that certain oils may to be too strong and may cause sensitivity to you or your pets so keep them in places with lots of ventilation and move them around to spread the fragrance and the instant decor that dried flowers in pretty small vases can offer.

Hope you enjoy reading and if you make your own, tag me or comment below? I would love to see what you make!

xo Kathia 

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