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Note: My picks are linked and I may get commission if you purchase directly through them.


Hello Fellow Fashionistas: Here are some of my favorite picks from different stores. Silk and linen, linen and silk. Besides a nice blend of cotton for the sweater, I am loving the textures. It is hard to stay cool in the Florida heat so anything that help with that, I am down for it!! If you happen to purchase through any of those links, I will earn a commission. Also, don’t forget to use Rakuten. You get money back through every purchase. Use my code from my links on the main page of this site, both of us can get a perk if you join. Next, Nordstrom Sale and Hats Reviews. Let me know if you like these picks?
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Spring 2022 Fashion Inspiration

To all my readers, sorry that I have been missing in action! I am hoping that I can keep up with posting more often and sharing more trends. Right now, these are my picks. I love everything from Free People and Cult Gaia. From the list below, I ordered some items so I am going to share how I style. Take a look and let me know because I know that there is a trend here. Notice the colors?

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First of all, the fine print: When you purchase directly from one of the links below, I may get compensated.

I waited until the last minute to make this post and now I am rushing to get it out so I can share some of my favorite items, picked for either staying in or attending a small gathering on New Year’s Eve or any other time when the feel is festive.  I have to be honest some of the items on this list, are some that I want for myself. Cough, cough *Gucci! The truth is that I would pick anything sparkly and new and to make it memorable, great make-up and accessories will add the finishing touches.  So take a look and let me know what you think? 

Also, to make this post more memorable, I also added a template of my vision board dashboard, that you can use to create your own and add it to your planner or print it for your wall (framing it works, too). If you press on the picture below, you can also go straight to Canva to edit it there. In my latest Instagram post, I shared the steps that I took to create my own and you can find that post here

In the meantime, leave me a hello or comment on this post and hope to talk to you in 2021. May it be a prosperous and exciting year for all of you!

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

Ok. I caved! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is in full swing, now that the sale is open to the public and I went to look at some fall pieces and was intrigued. The prices are pretty decent so in all honesty, I only picked pieces that I know I need, either to add up or to replace in my fall wardrobe.  I looked at the reviews on these pieces and they were all convincing. More importantly, I am consciously shopping this year since I am trying to save my extra cash for one particular bag that I am dreaming about.

I linked my picks below.  If you shop from one of those links, I may get compensated.

Hope you like them and as usual, comment on what you are shopping for, I would love your feedback.

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Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe – Updated

Happy New Year Plannerista!

Thank you for visiting and checking out my blog! This post is especially exciting because I am here to share an idea that I have been working on for a while. As of lately, my intentions, thoughts and plans have been around capsule wardrobe planning! I wanted to share an update of how this form of planning has helped me reach my goals to become a minimalist (with a feminine touch) and to purge my outfits, declutter my closet and find fabulous in everything I wear.

Mind you, my main interest behind this plan is to stop buying clothes, accessories and make-up products that I don’t need, to be more focused and committed to support ethically conscious companies and to liberate my mind, and closet of the unnecessary task to have to pick an outfit every day. As a matter of fact, somebody did the math and those extra minutes that you spend every morning, staring at your closet, add up to hours in any given year. Isn’t that a crazy thought?  Time, my friends is some sort of a privilege and I wish to spend mine doing and making room for what really matters and going through a closet full of clothes (and not finding anything to wear) is not how I wish to spend my mornings.

Now, let us put all these plans to work with the steps that  used to dig in my closet and plan my outfits.
NOTE: For the purpose of this post, I am only counting work clothes, not workout clothes, outerwear, underwear or bathing suits. But seriously, throw away those old panties, would you?
– Go in your closet and take all your clothes out.
– Figure out which colors are in season.
– Create YOUR color palette
– Put away the clothes that do not fit your palette selection, don’t fit, are outdated, haven’t worn in a year. (you know which ones I am talking about)
– Write down an inventory list identified by garment, i.e. blouses, pants, slacks, etc.
– Hang them back up in your closet.
– At a later date, start filling gaps of items from your inventory and then and only then, go shopping, in case you need a new jacket or skirt.
– Enjoy your new found freedom.

After I purged, it was easy to get a vision of a look that I wish to accomplish and to give me inspiration on pieces that I wish to buy. To clarify, I am not saying NO to buying, I am saying no to buying without knowing what I own and skipping the shopping in my closet, which I find so essential. I am actually saving for a new leather bomber jacket and the savings from last year, were great incentives for my partner, to get me a new bag. 

Since I started planning outfits,  I use stickers to create the starting point of my weekly capsule wardrobe planning, by using the pants as the main item and then I work building around them. On Sunday nights, I place stickers of the pieces (similar in color and shape of what I actually have) and build possible outfits for the whole week. Other factors, such as weather, work meetings, functions or casual days will impact those decisions, although with stickers, I still know what I have. If you are following me on Instagram, you may have already seen most of the inserts that I mentioned earlier.

Also, ever since I got Cladwell on my phone, I have been using this tool to plan my outfits, since you populate the app with clothes (or similar) that you own, you are essentially basing your planned wardrobe with a great vision of how your outfit is going to look even before you wear it or try it on. With no affiliation to the company, I am very happy to say that this app, installed on my phone, has been a game changer in how I plan my outfits. It is only available for iPhone but what a great tool it is!

To end this post, I wanted to share what I have concluded to be the main part of this process and what is making me very happy and excited about what I am doing:
– Jeans go with everything
– So does leather
– Animal prints can be introduced in the form of a blouse, a scarf or an accessory
– Salmon color is universal
– Pink (Blush) & Gray Tops are the new Black
– Tall Black Boots are universally flattering
– Minimalism is not the lack of something. It is the perfect amount of everything.

Thank you for reading

Denim Wardrobe

My First Attempt At Capsule Wardrobe

What is this, you may ask? This one is about a concept, that has been going around since the 80’s, when a French boutique owner, came up with the fashion notion that you can create a wardrobe (that you love and works for you) with basic and essential pieces, throughout every season. The point of capsule wardrobe is to learn to love what you own, to minimize your existence, to make your routine faster and easier and to SAVE MONEY!! If by now, you are not excited about this concept, allow me to explain some more: ever since we moved into the new house, I have been debating on what to do with the master closet. I find it a tad outdated and I have been considering the possibility of having it redone, not only to make it look nicer but to customize it with a design that I love.  What happened next is that I had to also reflect on the fact that it is messy and cluttered with my clothes, shoes and accessories. That before I consider having it redone, I really, really need to clean it and most importantly, clear out the mountains of clothes, that I haven’t worn in a while and I must remove in order to see what I have. I was tired of getting up every morning and spending way too much time trying to figure out what to wear to work everyday.  

To hold myself accountable and to finally figure out what works for me and by the same time, simplifying my morning routine, making room for what matters and saving myself at least 30 minutes every morning because if you are like me, I never have anything to wear.  Which also brings me to the fact that I need to stop buying clothes that I only wear once and then they become part of that clutter that I mentioned earlier.  Also, it is confirmed that successful people, uniform their style to avoid wasting time in having to worry about little things, like picking an outfit.  Please be mindful that I am only using this plan to figure out my work wardrobe. Capsule Wardrobe is not applicable to gym wear, beachwear or accessories.  You can definitely work on decluttering those but the nature of this post is gearing toward everyday work clothes for a specific season.

So let’s get to it.  

Step 1:
Empty your closet. Yep! Take all your clothes and lay them on the bed or the floor.  What matters is that you get to see them all.

Step 2:
Make 3, or maybe 4 piles. I combined the Marie Kondo, Japanese method to declutter, in order to make the following 3 piles:
1.  What you love/gives you joy
2.  Maybe
3. Nope  
You may find seasonal pieces that will not add to any of these 3 piles.  Those, just store them or put them away to reassess them, once that season comes around.

Step 3:
Assess. At this stage, you’d been left with basic and essential pieces that should get you started on the process.  This is when you look at deciding what else you’d need to complete the capsule. You can either look for additional items and start getting ideas on how you wish your style to be or designate a budget to purchase the missing items that will accommodate the look that you are going for and call this move, an investment.

To keep track of this process, I created a set of inserts and stickers to fit into my planner. I am going to be using these pages to create a visual board of the styles, colors and accessories, that I currently own, so I can start deciding on what I need to get and hopefully stick to my plan. 

If  if you decide to start a project like this and have any questions, please feel free to leave me a message or contact me directly to And if you are already using this method, please share with me?  I would love to hear from you!

Thank you for reading and for following!