Planning to be Happy


Let’s Plan for a happy & healthy lifestyle!

Over the years, my ideas have transitioned from planning in paper, making crafty things, selling stickers, designing paper planners and  now after several attempts to find my spot in the online world, I figured that the thought of reviewing makeup, beauty, fashion and anything else that makes for happy started to feel more and more like something I wanted to do. 

Because of that interest, I realized that there is a spot for me as a beauty, lifestyle and fashion blogger and that I desire to open up my website as an online magazine where my readers can find and share honest content on the non-essentials things in life that make us smile. So here I am starting from zero, looking at my future endeavors and looking forward to share more of these messages with my followers and subscribers.

Please browse around my Shop or my content and find something that you may like. If you have something in mind, that you do not see in my shop or the services that I provide, chances are that we can figure it out.  Let me know.  I am on all social media and you can find me blogging, on Facebook and on Instagram. You can always use this form to contact me directly and send me some love or just to say Hi.

In the meantime, let’s plan to be happy! It’s a choice!

About fashion beauty and anything else that makes for happy

Welcome to my blog about planning a happy and healthy life! I am Kathia and i love to plan, shop, blog, design and to workout. All while aspiring to live the happy life that I was meant to enjoy and sharing it all with you! I hope you stay close and visit often so we can share comments, ideas and thoughts on this amazing journey.