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We Made It To June!

I hope you are well and enjoying your planner and smashing your goals.  We are getting to that time of the year when we will have to start gearing up to evaluate our plans and make changes and adjustments to accomplish our bigger goals for 2020.  I, for starters, wish to continue with my plan to declutter and minimize my life and to blog more about beauty and makeup.  Back at the beginning of spring, I wrote a long post () about my plans to go into capsule wardrobe and so far, it has been great! Still adjusting and still avoiding resourcing to shopping when I should be doing the “shopping” in my own closet.

The best part of it is that some of you were inspired by my plan and joined me taking steps to work with what you own. I love seeing all the layouts with the pages and stickers that I offer in the shop, to help with your capsule wardrobe plan.  Thank you again for trusting me with your needs!  Now! Because here is a new month and summer is about to kick-in, I created a Summer Wardrobe set of stickers that may be great to help you with ideas and visual on how to continue (or start) with this process and because I am so grateful for this community, I am offering these stickers as a printable for a very decent price.  So follow this link for the download and don’t forget to check out the New Releases from the shop.  They are all very exciting.

As usual, please give me proper credit, when sharing them and remember that they are only for personal use so do not distribute them with the intent to profit.
Looking forward to see all those posts.

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